Campus Life

Campus Life

Life at BSTM is busy—in a good way

BSTM  students are curious and engaged; active involvement outside the classroom is central to BSTM’s culture.

A huge variety Of Student activities and events, athletics, exhibitions ,performances and educational opportunities keep campus lively. Each day brings new experiences that allow students to engage their passions.

Sleep well, eat well


Bstm’s close-knit community is reflected in its housing and dining systems. The rooms in the Hostel  situated on the serene and unruffled campus are conducive for assimilation of knowledge.

BSTM’s  dining halls and cafeteria  serve tasty options all day at a reasonable price  and are supplemented by snack carts .

Lean on us

BSTM  is committed to supporting all of its students. health and wellness, campus and community involvement, spiritual life and a network of support.

Live and learn

So, spend Sunday afternoon reading in the shade of a huge tree on grassy Quad,  at campus sports ground  Play Soccer or cricket   on the College Green before heading to your Financial Management  review session, and then enjoy   tasty cuisines at the Cafeteria

It’s all part of the BSTM  experience.


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