An Allegory From The Executive Member- Governing Body

An Allegory

An allegory  from the  Executive Member- Governing Body     

My Dear Students,

Perhaps you have gone through the messages from the desk of our Chairman, Director( Academy) and Director of our Managing Trust. Instead of repeating the same in a different form I would better like to tell you some stories with an aim to instill the morale thereof into your mind  and firmly believe that these will help you immensely for the rest of your lives.

Storey I

Bijoy, a woodcutter, worked for a factory for five years but never got a rise. The  Company hired Ajoy and within a year he got a rise. This caused resentment in Bijoy and he went to his boss to talk about it.

The boss said ‘ you still said you still cutting the same number of trees you were cutting five years ago. We are a result oriented company and would and would be happy to give you a rise if your productivity goes up”. Bijoy went back , started hitting the trees harder and putting in longer hours but still wasn’t able to cut more trees. He went back to the boss and told him his dilemma. He told Bijoy to go talk to  Ajoy.asked “ Maybe there some tricks Ajoy knows that you and I don’t “ .Bijoy asked Ajoy how he managed to cut more trees. Ajoy answered “ after cutting every tree, I take a break for five minutes to sharpen my axe . when was the last time you sharpened your axe?”this question hit Bijoy like a bullet and he got his answer.

So my friend remember that the past glory and the results would not help you , you have to continuously sharpen   your brain and  mind to get success .

Storey II

You all know the storey of David and Goliath . There was a giant who was bullying and harassing the Children in a village.One day, a 17 year old shepherd boy came to visit his brothers and asked “ Why don’t you stand  up and fight the giant?” The brothers were terrified and they replied ,” Don’t you see he is too big to hit?” But David said ,” No , he is not too big to hit, he is too big to miss” The rest is history. David killed the giant with a sling. Same giant , different perception.

My friend , always think positive and work hard , your attitude is the key to your success. . Most crackpots keep waiting for jackpot . but can bring success? How come one person moves forward with one success after another, and yet some are still getting ready.

Storey - III

Once there was a lark singing in the forest. A man came with a box full of worms. The lark stopped him and asked “ what do you have in your box and where are your going? “ .The man replied  that he had worms in his box and he was going to   market to trathem for some feathers. The lark said “ I have many feathers, I will pluck  one and give to you every day and that will save me looking for worms.” The man gave the worms to the lark and the lark plucked a feather and gave it in return. The next day the same thing happened and it went on and on until a day came that the lark had no more feathers. Now it couldn’t fly and hunt for worms. It started looking ugly and stopped singing and died soon.

My friends, what is the moral of the  storey? What the lark thought was an easy way to get food turned out to be tougher way after all . Isn’t it the same thing in our lives ? Many times we look for the easier way, which really ends up being the tougher way. Always remember there is no easy way to get success and accomplish you goal , the same thing our Swami Bibekananda said several times. so folks work hard , there is no free lunch in our lives.

I trust you liked the above stories and cherish the moral thereof for time to come . Meet you in BSTM soon.

With best Wishes,

Surajit Nag